Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

We're bringing you Nontoxic, Vegan skincare straight to your door. Multi-purpose and easy to use products that feel amazing to use and make you feel amazing. Add enjoyment to your daily routine and simplify your daily life.

Honey Milk Toner

Hydrating Facial Toner

Formulated with Bamboo and Carrot Seed extract for all skin types, our Honey Milk Toner is a must have. Leaves skin hydrated with a light floral scent.

Feed  Your  Body

Self-Care Everyday

Life can be stressful and messy, why use products that will add stress your skin? Raqeeb Beauty products are better. Small batch and handmade means higher quality, better ingredients and more ways to relax and indulge your skin. Make the switch now.

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Kelcey, CA

...love the customizable option, my favorite is Lavender and Peach in a scrub...

Leah, GA

Just got the new Pink Clay and Wood Bar in, excited to try it out

Hitomi, TN

When you love your skincare company and they love you back.

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