Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

Feed your Skin. Feed your Body.

We're delivering personalized Vegan skincare straight to your door. Our Multi-purpose and easy to use products are made with organic plant oils, aromatics, and thoughtful designs. Healthy products to make you and your family feel amazing. 
vitamin c cleanser with carrot juice and clay cold process soap

Get Glowing

Our Vitamin-C Bar has Carrot Juice, Turmeric, and Clay for brighter skin.


Perfect for smoothing skin and fading blemishes, you'll leave the shower feeling better than ever.

artistic pattern cold process soap handmade by raqeeb natural beauty store

Feed  Your  Body

Better Ingredients

Life can be stressful, so why use products that will add stress to your skin?

Raqeeb Beauty products are small batched with high quality, natural ingredients for healthier skin. This means less irritation, redness, and dryness and more days with softer skin.


Make the switch now.

Your Faves


Zero Waste

Artfully designed soap bars without the waste. Skip the plastic and recycle.


Dry Skin Relief

We use the most moisturizing ingredients for hydration that lasts all day. 


Hydrating Oils

Our expertly formulated multi-purpose Oils can be used for Hair, Skin and Body.

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You're In!

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Kelcey, CA

...love the customizable option, my favorite is Lavender and Peach in a scrub...


Leah, GA

Just got the new Pink Clay and Wood Bar in, excited to try it out

Hitomi, TN

When you love your skincare company and they love you back.


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