Honey Milk Toner

Honey Milk Toner

Formulated for all skin types, our Honey Milk Toner is a must have. With Bamboo and Carrot Seed extract our vegan Toner Mist refreshes skin throughout the day.

Choose from our Curated selection of Multipurpose Oils, Facial Moisturizers, and Body Creams for an intimate skincare experience. Uniquely made and formulated for your skin needs and concerns, you'll love the soft, healthy glow they bring.

Seasonal curated products made with natural ingredients, plant-based food-grade cold-pressed Oils, steam distilled  essential oils, and many certified Organic ingredients.

Customer Picks

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Kelcey, CA

...love the customizable option, my favorite is Lavender and Peach in a scrub...

Leah, GA

Just got the new Pink Clay and Wood Bar in, excited to try it out

Hitomi, TN

When you love your soap company and they love you back.

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