Our Story

Raqeeb Beauty began with a simple desire, artfully designed, accessible nontoxic skin care products that are safe and effective for sensitive skin. 

our family of women are at the heart and soul of the brand. We consider ourselves trailblazers in disrupiting the customary way of thinking--not only to bring more diversity to SKINcare but also to address the disparity that is prevalent in communities of color that lack education and access to skincare. 

"As a Muslim woman of color, there were times I was misunderstood in my frustration toward the lack of representation." In communities of color there is higher occurrence of about 20% of skin irritation but people of color are less likely to receive proper treatment.

Nura and Aleemah are building an artfully designed, clean wellness brand dedicated to sensitive skin.


"We work overtime to expertly formulate accessible, effective naturally derived products from high quality botanical ingredients that soothe and moisturize sensitive skin." -Aleemah

Artfully designed skincare means being intentional about everything, from the packaging, to our in-house made scents, to the formulas we create. We work to attain and beautiful balance where art meets skin and you can enjoy a product that works to soothe skin and eye-pleasing home decor.

Raqeeb Beauty natural skincare products are formulated to deliver the best while creating beautiful art you can display in your bath. 

We never use: Synthetic ingredients, parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, phthalates, chemicals, animal testing, mineral oils, or fillers. Each ingredient included has an emphasis on organic, high quality, and food-grade ingredients.

Our Roots


Aleemah AbdurRaqeeb



Nura Amatullah-Muid

Co- Owner

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